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AbelCine Essential Mounting Kit for Miro
Model : AB-PMR-100

The new Miro M-Series from Vision Research puts the power of Phantom high-speed imaging into a camera package that is smaller, lighter and more affordable than ever before. AbelCine has developed a..
AbelCine Modification of Anton Bauer QBH-HD to Lemo-8 Output

AbelCine's modification of Anton Bauer's QBH-HD mounting accessory retrofits a Lemo 8 connector to the unit.
Anton Bauer QBH-HD Quad Battery Holder - Dual Voltage 14.4V & 28.8V
Mode l: AN-QBH-HD

The QBH-HD is a small mounting accessory that accepts four standard Anton Bauer mount battery bricks and gangs their power to output both 14.4v and 28.8v power.
Anton Bauer SO-SF35 Snap-on Battery Belt
Model : AN-SO-SF35

The SO-SF35 is a belt that accepts two standard Anton Bauer mount battery bricks and gangs their power to output both 14.4v and 28.8v power.
Cine-Style Riser for Mirot
Model : AB-PMR-130

The Cine-Style Riser allows the Miro to be easily mounted onto an Arri BP-8 or BP-9 bridge plate, and provides light-weight 15mm rod mounting.
IDX EB-424L 4-Position Power Base Station
Model : IDX-EB-424L

The EB-424L holds four V-mount batteries and outputs both 12v and 24v using the standard Lemo-8 connector.
Pair of I-Plates for Miro
Model : AB-PMR-110

Low profile cheese plate, 1/4-20 mounting holes, 3/8-16 mounting holes
Ronford-Baker Moose Bar Handle
Model : RB-80219

soft foam handle, standard rosette, use on the right or left side
Rosette Bar for Miroo
Model : AB-PMR-140

The Rosette Bar offers flexible mounting options for handles and other accessories with ARRI standard rosettes. Additional mounting holes on the side of the camera are also available.
Top Handle Assembly for Miro
Model : AB-PMR-120

Features: integrated trigger button, removable trigger cable, removable front handle extension, removable rear support, integrated mounting shoe, integrated lightweight 15mm rod mounts
AbelCine UniBob Universal Breakout Box
Model : AB-UNI-BOB-100

Designed by AbelCine, this Universal Power Breakout Box (UniBob) effectively distributes power to accessories such as recorders, monitors and lens controllers.
AbelCine Flex Breakout Box Mount
Model : AB-PFL-130

Designed by AbelCine, the Flex Breakout Box Mount allows you to mount the AbelCine Unibob Breakout Box to your Phantom Flex or V641 rig via an Anton Bauer 3-stud battery mount
AbelCine LWS Riser Plate with Rod Pair for Phantom HD/65
Model : AB-PHD-10

Designed by AbelCine, this Lightweight Support Rods Riser plate allows you to use 15mm rod-base accessories on the Phantom HD/65 cameras.
AbelCine Shoulder Rig for Phantom HD Gold and 65 Gold
Model : AB-PHD-40

This AbelCine designed shoulder pad and lightweight support for Phantom HD attaches to the bottom of the riser plate and allows for the attachment of a mattebox and other accessories. In addition,...
Ronford Handheld Rig for Phantom
Model : AB-PHD-50

This Ronford-Baker rig is ideal for handheld shooting with the Phantom HD. It fits 15mm or 19mm rods and features comfortable soft foam grips on the handles.
Zacuto Z-Grip Zandy
Model : ZA-Z-ZG-ZDY

The Zgrip Zandy is an articulating handgrip that comes with a 4.5 inch rod and a Zandy. It easily mounts to any 19mm rod with the quick-release handgrip.