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이중 다중 채널 프레임 카메라
음영이나 시차 생성없이 최대 32개의 이미지
초당 최대 10억장 촬영


연소 연구(Combustion Research)
실패 역학(Failure Dynamics)
탄성, 균열 전파 및 충격 저항(Elasticity, Crack Propagation and Shock resistance)
의료 연구 및 테스트(Medical Research and testing)
충돌 연구(Impact studies)
스프레이 및 입자 분석(Spray and Particle analysis)
자동차 테스트(Automotive testing)
나노기술과 마이크로 머신(Nanotechnology and micro-machines)


  • 초당 최대 10억 프레임 캡처 속도
  • 36lp/mm 이상의 시스템 해상도
  • 1360 x 1024 픽셀 센서 해상도
  • 최대 16개의 개별 강화 광학 채널
  • 1ns 단계로 조정 가능한 프레임 간 시간
  • 3ns까지 완전히 조정 가능한 노출
  • 최대 10,000X 게인 조정
  • 프로그래밍 가능한 출력 트리거
  • 니콘 렌즈 마운트(표준)
  • 캐논 렌즈 마운트(옵션)
  • 기가비트 이더넷 통신
  • 이중 사용 카메라
  • 사용자가 교체할 수 있는 필터
Number of Channels 4 8 10 12 16
Number of images 8 16 20 24 32
Single and multiple channel upgrades are available up to a maximum of 16 channels.
Optics Single input beam splitting optics
Filters 2 - 8CH : 25mm dia. x 2mm filters (up to 8 channels)
9 - 16CH : 25mm dia. x 1mm – 3mm filters (up to 11 channels)
Lenses Nikon F-Mount standard, Canon mount option
Shutter Electro-mechanical
Distortion Nominally Zero
Channel Registration Within one pixel after software correction
Intensity Variation Better than 5% across the image
Auxiliary Optical
Channel Interface
Nikon F-mount bayonet (Option)
Image Sensor ICX285AL
Active CCD Pixel 1360(H) x 1024(V)
Pixel size 6.45㎛(H) x 6.45㎛(V)
Digitisation 12bits
Intensifier Gen II 18mm High resolution MCP
Input window Fused Silica, Output window Fibre Optic
Photocathode S25, others available on request Phosphor screen P46
Gen III intensifiers available on request
Gain Variable up to 10,000
System resolution >36 lp/mm
System Clock 1GHz quartz crystal controlled
Exposure Mode
(each image)
Single exposure or multiple exposure(max.8) per channel
Exposure time 3ns - 10ms in 1ns steps independently variable
Separation time 30ns - 20ms in 1ns steps independently variable
Interframe time 0ns - 20ms in 1ns steps independently variable
Delay to 1st exposure 65ns to 10ms in ins steps, independently variable
Flash Outputs 5ns - 1ms in 1ns steps independently variable
Framing rates Up to 1 Billion fps
Camera Control Data and command transfer via Gigabit Ethernet cable length 10m (standard), other lengths up to 100m, Optional Fibre Ethernet link (up to 2Km)
Software Custom software compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems for control and data archiving in various file formats
Electrical input Mains 100-240V AC 50-60Hz
Storage temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Operating temperature -5℃ to +40℃
Humidity 10 – 90% RH non condensing
Vibration shock 10 – 40Hz Max. 10g in any direction
Dimension mm(L/W/H) 572x438x319mm(>8CH), 572x238x319mm(<8CH)
Weights 37.5kg(<8CH), 24kg(>8CH)


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