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For Welding, Ballistic
Welding imaging with CAVILUX laser illumination
Benefits and applications
  • Easy to use
  • See through the blinding process light
How to visualize welding 1/2
How to visualize welding 2/2
Applications in ballistics and explosions
Application: Explosions
Application: Electrical explosions
Application: Ballistics
Measurement systems
  • WProvision of components or complete system
  • Easy measurement of quantitative information:
    – Yaw angle
    – Velocity before and after collision
    – Deformation and fragmentation
  • Ultra-high accuracy
    – Temporal (accurate freezing of the motion)
  • Excellent compatibility
    – High speed cameras
    – Machine vision cameras (single or multiple)
    – Multiframe cameras
Measurement equipment options
Speed measurement (device A)
Yaw angle measurement (device A)
Resulting speed and deformation (device B)
Moment after impact (exit)
Visualization and measurement system
  • Measurement system
    - Solution becomes an easy to use routine measurement
    - Reliable and durable
    - Pictures are shown in the control room
    - Easy acquisition of measurement results
    - Saving of images (automatically)
  • Parameters that can be measured:
    - Yaw angle of a bullet/fragment
    - Speed right before impact
    - Resulting speed
    - Accurate image of the moment of impact
    - Deformation and fragmentation of the bullet after the impact
  • Hardware and software
    - Test bench with xy-adjustment (+-25cm, under 5 mm accuracy, remote usage)
    - Protection mechanics and jigs
    - Two cameras
    - Software (image acquisition and storage, speed and yaw angle calculation)