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Steak Camera
Optronis GmbH, Germany
Streak Cameras
The OPTOSCOPE-SC streak camera family consists of different systems to provide maximum flexibility for a broad range of applications. They are all designed to be first in their class.
Each system is based on a particular main unit SC-10, SC-20 or SC-51 for example.
The main unit integrates a dedicated streak tube defining key features like maximum temporal resolution and photocathode size.
All streak camera systems use similar control structure with built-in Ethernet interface, control pad as well as a common control software OptoAnalyse.
Various sweep units for trigger mode and synchroscan deflection are available. The cameras are proposed with different input optics, intensifier units, readout cameras and they can be completed by a number of accessories.
Finally, the OPTOSCOPE-SC is a flexible and modular solution combining standard elements to obtail a perfectly fitting system to the user. Optronis provides complete and qualified support throughout the purchasing and application phase.
Common Features
  • Modular configuration
  • Different sweep units, input optics and readout cameras
  • Wide spectral range vom UV to NIR, X-ray
  • High sensitivity down to photon-counting level
  • Complete software control with common platform
  • Integrated Ethernet interface
SC-10 with IOV-10/M and TSU11-10
SC-10 System
  • Temporal resolution sps
  • Single-and Dual-Swweep
  • Triggered and Synchroscan Mode
  • Most modular system for university research
SC-20 with IOF-20
SC-20 System
  • Large photocathode 35mm
  • High spatial resolution
  • UV detection
  • Detonics research
For particular requirements, Optronis offers customized systems
Please provide your measurement specification and we willl evaluate how this can be satisfied. Typical points to be specified are
  • Spectral range
  • Temporal resolution and time base
  • Repetition rate
  • Sensitivity
The OptoAnalyse software is used to display streak images captured by the readout camera. It can control the OPTOSCOPE streak camera system and auxiliary devices like spectrometer.
Basic Features
  • Display in real-time video mode
  • Accumulation in Analogue-or Photon-Counting-Mode
  • Acquisition synchronous to trigger pulses possible (single-shot)
  • Operation with 32 bit memory per pixel
  • Display modes : gray level / gamma corrected /Pseudo-colour
  • Post-processing (arithmetic operations, digital filter, histogram, profiles)
  • Storage in a disclosed 32 bit, IMD format
  • Setup information in .IMI text format
  • Export in 8 bit formats (Bitmap or TIFF)
  • Drift correction with synchroscan sweep units
  • Distortion correction
  • Jitter corection