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Live Super Slow Motion Camera
Live Motion Concept GmbH, Germany
LMC was the first company in Germany which supplied EVS Live Slow Motion Systems as stand-alone turnkey solution

Antelope MKⅡ
The new generation of the awarded antelopeHD Ultraslowmotion system which will exceed your expectations.
A full broadcast compatible system using highest industry standard components.
Finally uou will discover what happens during the fraction of a moment which matters.. and makes the difference.
If uou want to visualize what used to be invisible during sports events, or use it to emotionally charge TV commercials...
Antelope is your chice.
Antelope MKII is a LMC exclusive development and based on Vision Research's V641 technoloty.

Technical Specifications
  • Fram Rate : @HD 720 : 5,350fps, @HD1080 : 2,560fps
  • Internal Memory : 32GB segmented memory
  • Upgrade Memory : CineMag Compatible 512GB
  • Video Format : HD-SDI
  • Video Playout : direct Optional, EVS-Network via XT2
  • Video Outputs : Versatil Dual HD-SDI Ports
  • Shutter Speed : Variable down to 1㎲
  • Extreme Dynamic Range : 2 different exposures within 1 single frame
  • Camera Sensor : CMOS 2,560x1,600
  • Pixel depth : 12bit
  • Shading OCP : LMC OCP V2.1
  • Software : LMC Live Slomo Edit V6.1
  • RCP : LMC RCP V2.1 full controls
  • Lenses : B4-mount, PL-mount Cine
  • Connection :SMPTE Fibre LEMO
  • Power : 300V/50Hz 16A 1p via SMPTE
  • Additional Features : Countinuous Recording
                                       2 HD-SDI 4:2:2 Outputs (LIVE / REPLAY)
                                       1 HD-SDI Dual Link 4:4:4
                                        Variable Dynamic Replay (VDR)
                                        Dual Intercom (Prod / Engineering)
                                        2 Symmetrical Audio Inputs (Line / mic.48V)
                                        Exclusive De-Flcikering Engine V2.5