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Image Intensifier Camera
HiCATT 18 & 25
Intensified High Speed Imaging


Looking for a specialist in intensified high speed imaging?
When looking for an intensified high-speed imaging specialist, be sure to consider the following requirements:

At least 10 years market experience: make sure you contact a company that has experience with intensified high-speed imaging, has a variety of customers and extensive market knowledge.

Extensive support: you will want a company that provides consulting, implementation and support.

Variety of solutions: the ideal company offers a range of practical solutions for high-tech imaging issues.

Integration with current equipment: you will want a company that offers options for integration of high-speed cameras, intensifiers and/or boosters with existing equipment.

Lambert Instruments
Lambert Instruments is a company devoted to development, production and worldwide sales of products for high-speed imaging at low light levels. The aim of Lambert Instruments is to provide a well-defined product that fits budget and planning.
Lambert Instruments has successfully provided solutions with Intensified high speed imaging for a wide range of customers, in e.g.:

Combustion research

Plasma physics

Time Resolved Fluorescence

Dynamic phenomena in microscopy (Imaging of rotation of single molecules of ATPase, detection of Brownian motion)

Laser induced fluorescence (LIF)

Particle image velocimetry (PIV)

Micro fluidics

Gain control

100% - 1% in 4096 steps (logarithmic)

Intensifier Gate time control

3ns – 10s, 10ps resolution (FWHM)
Note: The minimal possible gate time depends on the type of
intensifier and gate unit.

Intensifier Gate delay control

0 - 10s, 10ps resolution
Output A/B/C pulse width control 5ns – 10s, 10ps resolution (FWHM)
Output A/B/C delay control

0 - 10s, 10ps resolution

Maximal trigger rate


Internal trigger source

DDS rate synthesizer,
programmable between 0-16 MHz, 0.02 Hz resolution

Timing accuracy

±400ps ± 10ps/ºC

Jitter delay Below 50ps RMS (typ. < 40ps RMS) between ext. trigger to
any output or between any outputs.
For delays > 1ms add 10ps per millisecond of delay
Insertion delay

20ns ± 400ps

Trigger input

Programmable trigger level between +0.25 to +3.3 volts
Programmable trigger slope,
Programmable termination, hi-Z or 50 ohm

Output A/B/C/D

TTL (max. output level is 5V),
Programmable delay, width and polarity,
50-ohm source impedance
(at 50-ohm max. level = 2,5V)




223 x 199 x 72 (lxwxh)

Supply voltage

100-240Vac, 50-60Hz


Low Jitter digital interface, cables, manual and CD with
Windows control software

Go to https://www.lambertinstruments.com/high-speed-imaging
HiCATT 18.pdf     HiCATT 25.pdf