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Specialised Imaging Limited에서는 독특하면서 새로운 하이브리드 센서개발로 초고속카메라의 새로운 비전인 Kirana제품을 출시했다. 메모리관리 및 Mechanical 제작의 드라이브 신전자기술에 따라 탄생한 최고의 초고속카메라인 Kirana는 고해상도, 고감도 그리고 고속도의 집합체이다.


Features Applications
Up to 2Mfps
Combustion research
Shuttering 250ns Biological/Microscopy
924(W) x 768(H) Ballistics
10bits Mechanics
180 frames at all speeds Cavitation
40 events at a cyclic rate of 250ms Materials research
Compact, rugged design Aerospace
Gigabit Ethernet Digital Image Correlation
Architecture μCMOS
Number of Active Pixel 924(W) x 768(H)
Pixel Size 30μm
Digitisation 10bite Monochrome
Number of Frames 180 (Continous 2s at 1,000fps)
Exposure Time 250ns (min) variable in 10 ns steps
Frame Rates 2Mfps, 1Mfps, 500Kfpa, 200Kfps, 100Kfps, 50Kfps, 20Kfps, 10Kfps, 5Kfps, 2Kfps, 1Kfps
Front Lens mount Ruggedised Nikon F-mount
Mounting 3/8 BSW (3/8-16) standard tripod mount in base
Trigger Mode Start, End, and Center
Saved Image Format TIFF, JPEG, AVI or RAW
Trigger (2 off) Electrical signal (BNC connector)
Maximum Input level 50V
Threshold valiable from 0.25-25V
Positive or Negative polarity, Make/Break
50Ω or 1KΩ termination
Video Out XGA
Aux Out FSync or progrmmable pulse width and position TTL into 50Ω
Sync In Input to allow the synchronisation of multiple cameras.
Camera Interface Remote control via Standard 1Gbps Ethernet
Software Custom control software colpatible with Microsoft Windows 7
Power Requirements 100-240V AC 2A, 50-60Hz
Dimensions 228mm (W) x 192mm (H) X 416mm (D)
Weight -10℃ to +50℃
Operating temperature -5℃ to +40℃
Humidity 10-90% RH non condensing
Vibration Shock 10-40 Hz Max, 10g in any direction
EMC Meet all EC harmonised standards
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